Farouk Y. Tarzi
Fmr. Official with the Afghan Ministry of Foreign Affairs; and an international civil servant and senior official with the United Nations DP
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Berlin  -  California  -  Geneva  -  Istanbul  -  Kabul  -  Kandahar  -  London  -  Moscow  -  New Delhi  -  New York  -  Rome  -  Washington D.C.
Ms. Homa Tarzi
Published poet; American business woman;  Fashion desginer; and famed artist
Dr. Amin Tarzi
Director of Middle East Studies, MCU; Fmr. Senior Fellow at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies,  and published author
H.E. Nangyalai Tarzi
Afghan Ambassador to U.N. Geneva; Fmr. Ambassador to Pakistan; international diplomat.
Dr. Zemaryalai Tarzi
Famed Archielogist; Professor; and Historical
Scholar of Afghanistan
Najib Tooryalai Tarzi
Fmr. Afghan Bureaucrat; Fmr. local Governor; and chief counselor to Senator Abdullah Khan Tarzi
Nangyalai Khan Tarzi
Civic and local leader; head of Sardar Abdullah Khan's "house" after his death
Ömer Tarzi
International Business Executive & President of the Mahmud Tarzi Cultural Foundation
In Alphabetical Order
Amb. Siddiq Rahpoe Tarzi
Fmr. Educator; Journalist; International Diplomat; Businessman; and author
Rouhullah Khan Tarzi
Afghan Public Servant; Diplomatic Representative; and head of Mohammad Seddiq Tarzi’s house.
H.R.H. Princess Leyla Tarzi
Granddaughter of H.E. Mahmud Beg Tarzi and wife of H.R.H. Prince Ihsanullah Khan
Dr. Hamidullah Tarzi
Dr. Tarzi was an economic minister and a senior advisor in several Afghan governments